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Technical literacy is an essential skill for the 21st century and as such BCA students utilize technology throughout the learning program appropriate to the grade level.
In Elementary classrooms students use tools such as: smart-boards, iPads, E-books, and desktops. While in the middle and high schools students will be required to use laptops in their daily school lives.

Students are encouraged to explore the use of technology throughout both the classroom and during extra-curricular activities for example primary school students are encouraged to join robotics courses, aero-modeling and video production for afterschool activities.
As BCA offers a Bilingual program we understand that students will be studying in a language that is not their native tongue and that students will enter BCA with varying needs for language support.

Our experience is that young English and Chinese language learners will make rapid advancement in their language abilities when placed in a “Sheltered Immersion Program” that is learned in the context of the classroom and extensive graded reading programs held daily at the Elementary school.

For students requiring additional language support supplementary classes are arranged as an extra-curricular activity.
The school also arranges Immersive English Camps over the summer to help students prepare for school entry.
BCA’s vision is to develop intellectually capable young people with creative minds, healthy bodies and ethical spirits needed to contribute wisdom, compassion and leadership to a global society.

As such BCA is committed to nurturing in our students: Self-esteem, self-reliance, responsibility, resilience, respect, maturity, empathy, community spirit and wisdom.

Structured character education is part of the BCA curriculum but is also inherent and supported as part of the learning community culture from the moment a student boards the school bus through to lunch hall and extra curricular events.

We believe that by teaching these characteristics from an early age young people will natural grow into them and will permeate everything they do through to adulthood.
Our library boasts a collection over 5,000 entries of English and Chinese books that all students will enjoy. We have age appropriate material in Science, Social studies, non-fiction and of course a good variety of story books. We also have a large variety of longer chapter books with topics suitable for students in higher level grades and includes topics that were carefully chosen as suitable for older children.
In addition, we have a large collection of Leap Frog readers complete with the reading stylus. These books range from Disney classics to popular Pixar titles designed to stir the imagination of students in grades 1 to 5. In addition, we have Leap Frog world maps, Human Body, Space and Drawing books. These titles are entertaining to children and educational.
The top floor of our library is equipped with Mac computers and iPad. These computers are used in Information Technology instruction starting in Kindergarten and progressing to all grades. Students learn keyboarding, typing, internet research and have some fun with educational games geared to expand the students’ imagination and interest in a variety of subjects and academic disciplines.
All of our library resources are used by all classes throughout the day and all available to our students before and after school. You may click this link to visit our online Library: Library GO


1. What are your class sizes?
We aim to limit our class sizes and currently the average enrolled class size is 15 students.
From Kindergarten and above each class as class has one dedicated expatriate teacher.
2. Where do your expatriate teachers come from?
Our expatriate teachers come from North America (Canada and the US) with other teachers from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. All of our expatriate teachers are licensed and qualified to teach in schools from their home countries.
3. How do you select my child’s teacher?
Our faculty works together with the principal to create balanced classrooms. Students are placed into groups based on their learning personalities, gender balance, class diversity and former teacher recommendations. Class composition may be adjusted during the first week of the school year in order to create the best learning environment for all children.
4. What amount of homework should my children expect?
As a general rule of thumb students can expect 10 minutes of homework for each grade.
Grade 1: 10 minutes
Grade 2: 20 minutes
Grade 3: 30 minutes
5. What school supplies do we need to bring?
The school tuition fees cover all material and stationery required throughout the school year. Students are asked to provide their own water bottle and school bag.
6. What is BCA’s English as an Additional Language policy?
BCA offers a Sheltered Immersion Program for all Non-English Speaking students. Additional English language support will be offered to students based on assessment and may include specifically designed English class during regular class time or as an Extra-curricular activity.
7. What is the curriculum?
BCA offers a Canadian Standard’s Based Curriculum combined with Chinese National Standards Based Curriculum for its Elementary Grades. The Canadian curriculum has been chosen for its high academic standards and international recognition.
8. How will my child be graded?
Students are assessed according to the Prescribed Learning Outcomes set forth for each subject area. Students’ learning progress is measured according to those benchmarks based on course work during the term. Report cards for students will be completed and sent home at the end of each term.