Stephen Askin

School Director

Our commitment to you is to share the honor and great responsibility of equipping your children for leadership in a global society. We believe that this entails rigorous academic pursuit and the development of skills and personal characteristics that will define success in the 21st century: accountability, resilience, creativity, collaboration and an un-quenching appetite for life-long learning. We look forward to joining you on this path to the future.


BCA’s vision is to develop intellectually capable young people with creative minds, healthy bodies, and an ethical spirit needed to contribute wisdom, compassion and leadership to a global society.


Developing bilingual competence in the English and Mandarin, two of the 21st century’s most spoken languages.


Embracing the latest in educational pedagogy for effective learning that focuses on whole child development.


An experienced organization of qualified and internationally recognized teachers and experts dedicated to the purpose of education.


Internationally recognized for its high academic standards leading to admissions at top North American universities.


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1. When should I apply?

Applications and placements are open throughout the year although we recommend students start school in August or the start of term.

2. How does the application process work?

The Admissions Committee reviews applications after all of the documents are received. Students are offered placement if they have been qualified (Entry Assessment) and seats are available. If no seats are available applicants are put on a waiting list.

3. What nationalities can apply?

BCA welcomes applications of all nationalities.

4. What are your entry requirements?

Entry requirements include the applicant’s academic readiness for the appropriate grade, as well as their social and emotional maturity, motivation to perform at school and contribution to the school community

5. What level of English is required?

Whilst it is preferable that students arrive at school proficient in English this is not always possible and BCA will provide additional English support for children who require language support.

6. Do you have a boarding program?

BCA does not have a boarding program at this current time

7. Do you accept students with special needs?

BCA admits students who can meet the grade level expectations given the teacher and resource support available.

Please note that at this time BCA has limited resources to support students with disabilities (learning, physical or and/or behavioral) who require additional support staffing or extensive program modification. Decisions regarding admissions for students with special needs are made on an individual case-by-case basis.

All relevant documentation and information pertaining to special needs should be disclosed upon application. Failure to completely disclose special needs during the application process may result in the reversal of any admission offer made.

8. What are your school hours?

School hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 3:50pm in the afternoon. Elective extra-curricular activities are available from 4:00~4:50pm. School buses leave campus at 5:00pm.
Breaks during the day consist of 15minute morning and afternoon breaks. A 45minute student lunch break is provided for meal, rest or play

9. What are your class sizes?

We aim to limit our class sizes and currently the average enrolled class size is 15 students.
From Kindergarten and above each class as class has one dedicated expatriate teacher.

10. Are discounts or scholarships available?

BCA provides discounts for siblings, an Etonkids loyalty discount and discount on early payment. See your Admissions Consultant for further details

BCA does not offer scholarships at this time.

11. Do you have a bus service?

BCA contracts with an independent bus company to provide bus transportation to common pick/up points throughout the city (mostly Chaoyang).
Bus routes are subject to minimum passenger numbers and may be altered during the year
As bus transportation is optional bus fees are not included in the tuition fee. Bus fees very depending on the distance commuted.
Please visit the bus section in School Life for more information

12. Do students wear uniforms?

Yes, students are required to wear the standard school uniform at all times. See the uniform section in School Life for more details