School life

Extra Curricular Activities

At Beijing Collegiate Academy we are committed to developing the whole child. As such each student is encouraged to participate in a range positive pursuits, be they academic, creative, musical, artistic or sporting. These interests are designed to foster excellence and confidence in wider interests outside of the classroom whilst supporting academic achievement back inside the classroom.

Student services

Food services in the school are provided by an experienced and professional team, who are dedicated to preparing healthy, daily meals that are geared to meet all of your child’s dietary needs.
Meals for Kindergarten and Primary school students include morning and afternoon snacks (fresh fruit, yoghurt, milk, steamed breads) and lunch consisting of a main course, salads/vegetables with soup. Child friendly meals of both Chinese and Western varieties are served throughout the week.
Food security is paramount with all oils, meat and raw foods purchased from certified suppliers.
A weekly menu is available through the Student Services Office.
School bus routes are offered for the convenience of students and parents with single and return trips available.
BCA offers bus routes according to demand with a minimum number of students per route.

The school minimizes the number of stops on each route to reduce the amount of travel time students will need to undertake to and from school.

Each school bus is equipped with seatbelts and is accompanied by a bus monitor for student safety. The bus monitor will check each student as they board and leave the bus, and ensure all students follow the bus rules during their journey including remaining buckled up and seated.
Located on the first floor of the Elementary School the primary goal of the Health Center is to promote a healthy school environment. The Center is staffed by one full time Registered Doctor and is equipped with community medical resources to ensure that students and staff receive safe, high quality timely care.

The BCA Health Center provides students and staff with services including:
• Medical treatment including first aid, emergency and routine medical administration
• Health education, including health promotion, disease prevention
• Student medical records detailing students’ current conditions, medicine requirements, allergies, immunizations, and emergency contact information.

In order to provide effective services and as part of a successful school experience parents are encouraged to visit and communicate with the school doctor regarding their children’s health.
BCA believes that a uniform is an important part of school life that encourages belongingness, and community. The wearing of uniform has been shown to improve academic performance and for these reasons BCA requires that students wear the school uniform during school hours and to extra curricular events.
The BCA uniform is made of high quality materials designed with comfort and utility in mind and consists of daily, sports and formal wear for both boys and girls. Uniforms are available for purchase from Student Services and additional uniform can be purchased as required.
See the BCA shop for more details

BCA provides a growing range of school products for school life. To purchase your products please contact Student Services.

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